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Happy with your Newsletter? Too much money? Too much time?

Many Municipalities because of limited manpower or budget restraints are unable to consistently produce a high-quality Newsletter on their own. Outside companies are often contracted or specific personnel or departments within the municipality are assigned the responsibility of coordinating the Newsletter project. Either way, municipalities can expend a considerable amount of employee work hours and taxpayer’s dollars putting together their Official Newsletter.

There is a better way. How about FREE!

With our company, Hometown Press there is NO COST to your municipality for the printing and production of custom, full-color Municipal Newsletter. Whether you need 1,000 or 20,000 copies, or whether you plan to communicate with your residents once, twice, three or four times a year, there is never a cost for the full-color newsletters. We will help write all your articles, professionally typeset and editorialize the text, including any color photographs, maps, charts you would like, and print and deliver the finished full-color newsletter to your door at no cost. We pride ourselves on meeting deadlines and our goal is always producing the finest Municipal Newsletter possible.

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Partner with your business community

The Newsletters are totally funded through community advertising. Businesses truly appreciate the opportunity to target market potential new customers and recognize the value in partnering with the local government. We make all the contacts and perform all the leg work. You have total control as to which potential advertisers we contact and you are granted final approval on all participating business sponsors. You naturally receive a comprehensive proof of the entire Newsletter for your review, prior to printing, which can be uploaded to your website